I Was Sure of Another Me is the website of (and a song by) Tim Fritz. Tim was born and raised in the land of oak savannas, wetlands, and sandy soil left by ancient glacial lakes. The land of the Erie, Wyandot, Ottawa, Miami, Shawnee, Mascoutin, and other Indigenous People and Nations pushed out, pushed into, and eventually removed by force. The land where a city now stands where the great Maumee River meets the great Lake Erie. Toledo, Ohio.

Tim graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Toledo concentrating on both the Labor Movement and the history of Indigenous Peoples in North and South America. He received his Masters Degree in Library and Information Science, with a focus on Public Libraries and Archives, from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Tim lives in Colorado.

Contact: iwassureofanotherme@gmail.com

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